Ramadhan 2021: Fasting to start on Tuesday, declares govt

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Hilal monitoring officers observe the sunset using a telescope during hilal monitoring activities at the Laboratory of Astronomy and Falak Science MAN I, Solo, Central Java on Monday (April 12, 2021). (ANTARA PHOTOS / Mohammad Ayudha / foc)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian government, through the Ministry of Religious Affairs, has set the start of fasting, or 1 Ramadhan 1442 Hijri fall, on Tuesday (April 13, 2021).


The decision on the start of fasting was reached in an isbat (confirmation) meeting on Monday.


“The decision of the isbat session is without any differences. Agree and stipulate 1 Ramadhan to fall on April 13 (2021),” Minister of Religious Affairs, Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, said during a press conference in Jakarta on Monday.


With this stipulation, Muslims in Indonesia could perform tarawih prayers on Monday evening. The isbat session was attended by a number of representatives from religious organizations, astronomers, and other invited guests.


The Unification Team of Hijri calendar of the Religious Affairs Ministry stated that there was a reference that the hilal (crescent moon) was observed in Indonesian territory on Monday evening.


The observations of the beginning of Ramadhan are quite old or have been more than eight hours. In Indonesia, the hilal is in a significant position to be seen, it said.


The Ministry of Religious Affairs imposed restrictions on trial participants and all representatives who attended were required to follow health protocols.


In addition, the implementation was conducted both online and offline. Thus, the public could immediately watch it via a broadcast on the official social media page of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.


The isbat session itself was held on Monday from 5 p.m. Western Indonesian Time (WIB) and was closed with the determination of the beginning of this year's fast.


The activity began with an open exposure to the position of the crescent moon (hilal), based on astronomical data by experts.


The activity was continued with the Maghrib prayer in congregation and followed by a closed session.


The isbat trial was announced through a press conference. (INE)







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